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8th March 1991


I was 11 months old when I won Baby of the year for Boots.

This is me when I was modelling aged 13 months, I am the one on Left of the 3 pictures in
the pink and the one on Right in the green dress.

1st march 1996

9th February 2001

6th November 2003

14th November 2003

14th November 2003

26th February 2004

9th March 2005

Kirsty with her Princess of Wales Memorial Award

30th September 2006

Friday 13th January 2006

4th February 2006

26th March 2006


29th March 2006

28th July 2006

How my wish came true

I have just returned home after having my wish granted to swim with dolphins in Florida.
I have had my dream fulfilled, and I would like to say a very big thank you to the When You Wish Upon A Star team in Stockport for making my dream come true.
The experience was amazing, and the rest of my family enjoyed it, too. It was a life-changing experience that my family and I will never forget. To swim alongside these magical creatures and to receive a kiss from Roxy, our dolphin, was better than all medicine.
If any readers can very kindly help me, I would be really grateful. I am trying to raise 65,000 to send a group of 100 sick and terminally ill children to Lapland in December to see the real Santa.
As part of my attempt to do this I have got some new pin badges, which I am selling at 1 each (star shape) and collecting old mobile phones (working or not) and ink cartridges.
If anyone would like a pin badge, please contact me.

30th July 2006

31st August 2006

I am first on the right

28th September 2006

30th September 2006

Daily Star

30th September 2006

3rd October 2006

10th October 2006

25th October 2006

26th October 2006

27th November 2006

28th November 2006

16th December 2006

Manchester Metro News

22nd December 2006

24th December 2006

Stockport Express

3rd January 2007

5th January 2007

11th January 2007

18th March 2007

29th March 2007

10th April 2007

8th May 2007

10th May 2007

15th June 2007

Manchester Metro News

29th June 2007

1st August 2007

27th January 2008

31st January 2008

15th February 2008

18th February 2008

Manchester Metro News

23rd February 2008

13th March 2008

8th March 2008

Manchester Metro News

28th March 2008

9th April 2008

10th April 2008

Manchester Metro News

25th April 2008

Wythenshawe World

20th May 2008

16th June 2008

The Pride of Manchester

Pictured are the 25 winners of the Manchester Hero's Award

Wythenshawe World

19th June 2008

The Huggable Bear Calendar for 2009

I am in this after winning Huggable Bear Hero for the UK
with the build a bear work shop

Wythenshawe World

 December 2008

27th January 2009

Wythenshawe World
6TH February 2009

6th February 2009

21st February 2009

14th March 2009

17th March 2009

April 2009

Woman's Own

11th May 2009

7th July 2009

This is my letter that was in the Manchester Evening News that I wrote after I had read a letter that I was upset by.

10th December 2009

6th February 2010

15th April 2010

Wythenshawe World

29th April 2010

23rd June 2010

13th July 2010

17th July 2010

25th August 2010

21st October 2010

10th February 2011

17th February 2011

26th February 2011

26th March 2011

31st March 2011

Wythenshawe World

April 2011

Sale and Altrincham Advertiser

13th April 2011


23rd June 2011


22nd July 2011

Post Bag

27th July 2011

Wythenshawe World

30th July 2011

Kirsty on the Front the Page of the M.E.N
Named on the New Years Honours List
and is to receive M.B.E

31st December 2011

3rd January 2012


5th January 2012

Wythenshawe World

13th January 2012

11th January 2012

21st March 2012

Front Page

23rd March 2012


23rd March 2012

NF Neuro Foundation News Letter
April 2012


12th April 2012


22nd April 2012

I was nominated to go on the Independent Happy List.

and was one the 100 people to make it onto the list.

Woman's Own
7th May 2012

Sunday Post
6th May 2012

16th May 2012

TV Times
2nd June 2012

2nd June 2012

4th June 2012


12th April 2012

23rd June 2012


June 2012

Pick Me Up

12th July 2012

Take a Break
23rd August 2012

October  2012

24th October 2012

OK Magazine

October 2012

18th May 2013

Inspiring Woman Awards Booklet


December 2013

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December 2014


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March 2015

Reporter and Chronicle

March 2015 


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